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Duna Táncműhely


Kalász Contemporary Dance Festival targets the dance-lover audience in the Szentendre region – just a couple of dozens of kilometres north from Budapest. One of its main intentions – from its very first edition organised in 2002 – is to present a huge variety of dance performances outside of the centralised cultural scene of the Hungarian capital.


Kalász Contemporary Dance Festival – organised by Duna Dance Workshop in close collaboration with regional cultural centres – is primarily focusing on cross-disciplinary performing art and dance. The programme is composed of small-scale and larger dance productions, children performances, exhibitions, talks, workshops. The invited contemporary dance shows are often based or inspired by traditional dance techniques or forms of expression – reflecting the main interest of Duna Dance Workshop.


Kalász Contemporary Dance Festival is organised on yearly basis in the second half of October, mostly in Budakalász and in other towns in the Szentendre region