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Duna Táncműhely



Duna Dance Workshop is formed of professional dancers, working together on independent productions. The Workshop aims to create contemporary dance performances using the elements of folk dances as a specific dance technique and intends to elaborate a unique dance language. The performances of the Workshop are always co-creations of the choreographer Zsolt Juhász and dancers as well as artists working on other art fields.
The Workshop is also engaged in organising the Contemporary Dance Festival in Budakalász.

Premiers of Duna Dance Workshop: 


1996 Staccato (directed by Ildikó Mándy)

1999 Infant  (directed by Zsolt Juhász) – invited to the Canberra Multicultural Festival, March 2000

2001 Tenth groom (directed by Zsolt Juhász) – awarded at the IV. Contemporary Art Festival in Veszprém, 2001 

2001 Coming (directed by Zsolt Juhász) – awarded at the V. Contemporary Art Festival in Veszprém, 2002

2003 The garnary (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2004 Deep mirror (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2005 Locomotive is another thing – In memoriam to Attila József (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2005 The song of stones (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2006 Morello orchard (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2008 Fossils (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2009 Engravements (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2010 The Cave (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2010 Anthem (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2012 All what is in your heart – youth performance (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2013 Islands of Silence (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2014 Dim and Silence (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2015 Bird women (directed by Zsófia Horváth)

2016 Circle Dance (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2016 My dream, my dream – children performance (directed by Zsolt Juhász)

2017 Home (directed by Csaba Györfi)

2018 Beneath their feet (collaboration between Duna Dance Workshop and Káva Theatre Workshop)

2018 Picture writer (directed by Zsolt Juhász)